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The Program

The Sho-me Heat philosophy: We want to Challenge you, Encourage you, Support you, and Prepare you to Succeed

The Sho-me Heat Staff strives to prepare each athlete to achieve their own personal best.  We are enthusiastic about coaching and will work together to provide our teams the best positive environment their basketball skills, play with and against great competition, make new friends and have fun.

Since 1996, the Sho-me Heat Girls Basketball Club has provided hundreds of basketball players the opportunity to develop their skills by competing with and against the best athletes in the state and the nation.  With its emphasis on high quality competition, athletes from Missouri, Illinios and even some farther(Ireland) have chosen to make the Sho-me Heat their elite basketball club.

    The Sho-me Heat concept is to bring together the best athletes to compete against the best competition across the nation. Sho-me Heat has gone to many of the Nations Premiere exposure tournaments, AAU Nationals, Junior Olympics, Nike, and the best local Exposure events  - the Show-me Showcase and the Meltdown.

  It is because it the continued success and quality athletes,  the Sho-me Heat Basketball Club is highly respected by college coaches because of its depth and desire and continual success of it's teams. The success of the athletes that have played with the Sho-me Heat is unsurpassed. Often called "College Prep 101" The Sho-me Heat name is highly regarded and an easily recognizable name throughout the country.

We offer a long list of references at anytime to anyone interested in participating in the Sho-me Heat program


 Sho-me Heat Developmental Teams: 

The Developmental teams will concentrate on individual and team development.  These teams will play in Missouri/Ill AAU events, and the best local tournaments.  These teams will be prepared to play at a very high level in the future.

Goals of the Developmental teams are:

1.  Individual Improvement and development as an individual and team player.

2.  Participation to help each athlete to prepare to play and compete at a competitive level.


Sho-me Heat National/Elite Teams

National team goals are:

1.  Gain exposure to college coaches both locally and across the nation.

2.  Develop every players skills, and to play the athlete in the appropriate position for the next level.

3.  Play with and against the best players in the country.

4.  Develop the ability of our players to make an impact at the college level.

5.  Help each family with all aspects of recruiting, academic requirements and programs, and

to help, inform and direct each family to all options available to them,during this stressful but exciting process.

Who are we?

Lynn & TJ Peterson - AAU Basketball Chairs for 10 years for MO/Ill region, Winners of multiple National AAU titles, 7 time Ozark Region Champions;
Honorary Lifetime AAU National Tournament & Junior Olympic Invitees,
2002 Most Outstanding National AAU Volunteer of the year 
2004 - AAU Presidents National Leadership Award - Outstanding service
Now retired from AAU service, but still involved as youth coaches, and sports promotion.  Since becoming Grandparents, we have been passing on much of our teaching responsibilities to college athletes and graduates who have grown up in our program, along with top college, high school, and Travel team coach guests, to share ideas, drills, and experiences with our teams to make them the best that they can be.   

 We dont play in AAU District Qualifiers anymore, but won every year until we stopped attending locally in 2007.

Ozark District AAU District Champions - 2007, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000   

AAU National Qualifiers - 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999    

Nike Champions - 2001       

State Games of America Nationals Champions - 2001     

AAU National Championships - 2000, 2001, 2002, 2006      Jr Olympics - 2002- (17th), 2004 - (9th), 2005-(2nd)

Current AAU National Championship & Junior Olympic Lifetime Honorary Qualifier!!!!


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